Yes, Jessica Chastain Has Pretended To Be Bryce Dallas Howard

Even she knows they are pretty much the same person.

People confuse Hollywood stars Jessica Chastain and Bryce Dallas Howard all the time. Back when Chastain was just a hopeful actress working off-off-Broadway and Howard had a blockbuster hit with "The Village," she embraced the mix-up. 

"I was on the subway and I saw these kids looking at me, these teenagers, and they come over to me and go, 'I'm sorry. Are you an actress?'" Chastain told Jimmy Fallon on Thursday, admitting she was really excited and thankful. "And then they go, 'Yes, 'The Village' was such a great movie.' And I had this moment of, 'Do I tell them that they're wrong and it's not me, or do I just pretend I'm Bryce?' And, as one does, I pretended I was Bryce."

As one does.  


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