Jessica Chastain Talks Up Space Exploration In New NASA Video

Jessica Chastain is no NASA scientist, though she plays one in the sci-fi blockbuster "Interstellar." And now the 37-year-old actress is starring in a new NASA video, talking up the space agency and its exploration plans.

"We're surrounded by solar systems," Chastain says in the video, which features animations of spacecraft and celestial objects as well as footage of Chastain herself. "And as we learn more about the universe around us, NASA is developing capabilities on Earth and in space to send astronauts further into our solar system than ever before--to an asteroid, Mars, and beyond."

That's pretty basic stuff, and not everyone is impressed with the script.

"What children is she talking to and is there an adult version of this?" one commenter griped.

Others feel differently. Said YouTube user Cierra Romero, "This is awesome."

In any case, Chastain may be big on space exploration, but she's not especially eager to venture into space herself.

"I like acting [as if] I’m gonna go to space, but I love this planet so much,” she said, according to a story published last November in the New York Post's Page Six. “I love my friends and family, I don’t want to be away from them.”



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