Jessica Jung First Pitch Fail: Korean Singer Makes Terrible Throw (VIDEO)

Thanks to 23-year-old Jessica Jung, baseball fans everywhere now have a new video instructing the proper mechanics of how not to throw a baseball.

Jung is a Korean-American singer and dancer best known for her work in the nine-girl group, Girls' Generation. Escorted to the mound by two mascots of the Seoul-based LG Twins, Jung prepares her pitch with a long wind-up before unleashing her best heat.

Unfortunately, Jung's release was a bit too late as the ball bounced just a few steps away from her position on the field, most likely ensuring her spot in the category of worst first pitches ever. But like a pro, she took the embarrassing moment like a good sport, and seemed to have fun with it regardless.

The singer acknowledged her gaffe with a smile and wave to the crowd before heading back to the dugout, but hey, it could have been worse. At least she was able to keep her footing.