Jessica Pare On How 'Mad Men' And 'Zou Bisou Bisou' Have Changed Her Life (VIDEO)

Jessica Pare is a major presence on "Mad Men" these days, playing Don's soap opera star of a wife, Megan. She made her talk show debut on "Late Night" where she revealed that she had no idea she'd one day be married to the dashing Don Draper. She thought she was just going to do five or six episodes as his latest secretary.

The show has changed her life in more ways than one. For one thing, she never anticipated that she'd be releasing a record, but singing "Zou Bisou Bisou" on the show led to that opportunity.

"My mother has actually re-enacted ‘Zou Bisou Bisou’ a few times," Pare said. "At her boyfriend’s birthday party and just random dinner parties."

She said she actually took inspiration from her mother for her performance of the song, which is ironic as her mother is now returning the favor. All in all, Pare is living a pretty great life right now, which is exactly how her character Megan is feeling. Pare recently told the Paley Center that while she Megan might have some idea that Don is cheating, mostly she thinks her life is "quite lovely."

You can see the lovely Jessica Pare every Sunday at 10 p.m. ET on AMC's "Mad Men." Tune in to "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon" every weeknight at 12:37 a.m. ET on NBC.

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