Jessica Simpson Baby Name Choice: Meaning Of Maxwell Drew Johnson

Jessica Simpson had her baby on Tuesday (after what seemed like the longest pregnancy ever) and the hot topic of conversation surrounding the newest celebrity mom is now her baby's name -- Maxwell Drew Johnson for a little girl.

According to, Maxwell, means "great stream" and Drew, which is Jessica's mother's maiden name, means "manly."

That adjective is exactly what critics are calling the moniker Simpson and husband Eric Johnson chose. Linda Rosenkrantz, baby-naming expert and co-founder of says Maxwell is usually thought of as a "100 percent male name." But Simpson isn't the first celebrity this year to choose Maxwell for a girl. Actress, Lindsay Sloane named her daughter Maxwell with the middle name Lue in January.

Rosenkrantz says it's up in the air as to whether this name will take off for girls, "but you can imagine Max as a female nickname name a la Sam," she says. Once historically male names do make their way to the girls side, however, they become less common in boys -- Avery, Emerson and Finley for example.

Celebrities choosing traditionally male names for baby girls is somewhat of a trend, Rosenkrantz also points out. Soleil Moon Fry named her daughter Jagger, Ziggy Marley chose Judah, Brendan Fehr picked James for his girl and Alexis Stewart went with Jude for her daughter.

Other names that can work for either gender have been trendy amongst non-celebs for ages, but 2011 was the first year Nameberry published a list of Top Unisex Names based on what parents were searching for most. Harper and Quinn were among the most popular.

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