Jessica Simpson Set To Make $1 Billion From Fashion Empire Next Year

Jessica Simpson has been the talk of the fashion town lately, bagging a New York Magazine cover story and now a series of articles in Monday's Women's Wear Daily. NY Mag reported that Simpson's various clothing and accessory lines bagged $750 million in sales last year ("To put that figure in context, it means Jessica Simpson is doing roughly the same volume in sales as Michael Kors") and WWD projects that the pop star will bring in one billion dollars next year.

Simpson confessed to the fashion newspaper, "The bigger it gets, the more stressful it gets," adding, "I'll get mad if I see something with my name on it and I don't like it. I'll say, 'Mom, did you approve that? I don't like that. I never saw that, please tell me if you approved that.'" She and her mom Tina work together on all of the collections.

Some other choice excerpts...

On image:

"Image is the most important thing about someone's career and longevity. I want to be around until I'm not around anymore and then some."

On Southern women:

"Southern women are definitely a huge inspiration to us. We are Southern women. They always love to do it up and look fabulous at all times. It's fun to grab cool, huge rhinestone pieces or fun brooches that you can make into a necklace."

On her personal style:

"I love dresses. I love short skirts and showing off my legs. Sometimes I have to try and hide the boobs....I'm pretty simple. My style never gets too complicated."