Jessica Simpson Nude Magazine Cover: Is The Demi Pose Getting Old?

Long before there was "Jolie-ing," there was "Demi-ing" -- the scores of women copying the bold nude pose made famous by a pregnant Demi Moore on the August 1991 cover of Vanity Fair, that is. But is the pose getting old?

In response to the latest -- Jessica Simpson's beatific nude turn on Elle's April cover -- the Atlantic Wire's Jen Doll makes a strong case for retiring the pose altogether. Her reason? The once-controversial photo, shot by VF photographer Annie Leibovitz, has lost its sting much in the same way that Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah," after being aped by generations of quivering "American Idol" contestants, has: It becomes diluted through overuse. A pink sundress-clad Snooki, she argues, makes a more forward-thinking statement on her pregnancy cover for Life & Style by the mere fact that she's clothed.

What do you think, readers? Sound off in the comments below, and click through to the Atlantic Wire to read more.



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