PHOTOS: Jessica Simpson Goes Pantless, Talks Engagement

Her fashion line is on pace to make nearly a quarter billion dollars, but she still can't afford any pants!

Well, not really. The modified "Risky Business" style shoot came in the new issue of New York Magazine, but the cash -- that's very, very real. Simpson talks her business empire -- and her new fiance, Eric Johnson.

Simpson glowed about Johnson, a former pro football player and Yale graduate, who asked her to marry him in January. She recalled his proposal and her emotional reaction.

"It was a complete shock," she told the magazine, "a beautiful shock. It felt great for somebody to be on his knee, and I had to sit on that knee because I was so excited and overwhelmed I couldn't even stand. Knowing that I had his knee to sit on in that moment was very magical. The way I always wanted it to be."

In fact, she told CBS' "The Early Show" that she even shed tears when the question was popped. And probably not just because he made her pause an episode of "The Parenthood" to watch.

Eric's a vegan, so Simpson has been learning some valuable new skills, too, as she even cooked a tofurkey for Thanksgiving.


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