Jessica Simpson Talks About Getting Pregnant And Battling Weight Gain On 'The Tonight Show' (VIDEO)

Jessica Simpson dropped by "The Tonight Show," where she admitted that this new pregnancy may have been part of God's plan, but it wasn't part of hers.

"I was extremely shocked," she said. "It was kind of like a one-night stand." Granted, it was a "one-night stand" with her fiance of two years, who was also backstage during the interview.

Speaking about the couple getting married, Simpson said that they've had two wedding dates already, but Eric keeps getting her pregnant and messing up those plans.

As for her weight, which has been a tabloid target for years now, Simpson said she's determined to gain less weight this time around than she did with her first child. She admitted that she gained more than what doctors recommended then.

All of the attention around Simpson has helped her land a pilot deal with NBC. The new reality series will be inspired by Simpson's own life, which has turned out to be both fascinating and entertaining over the years.

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