Jessica Simpson Still Pregnant: Star Has Not Had Baby Girl Yet (UPDATED)


According to TMZ, Jessica Simpson checked into an L.A. hospital Tuesday morning, presumably to give birth to her first child with fiance Eric Johnson. We'll keep you updated!


For everyone on Jessica Simpson baby watch, yes, she's still pregnant.

The very pregnant star was photographed going on a drive with her fiance, Eric Johnson, on Sunday, putting to rest any rumors that she might have already had her darling daughter, who is rumored to be named Maxwell.

According to some reports, Simpson was due to give birth on April 20, but that date has long passed. While making the press rounds for her show, "Fashion Star," in March, Simpson claimed she still had "some weeks" to go before delivering, and she wasn't kidding.

However, she may not be too far overdue. Let's do the math: Simpson made her official pregnancy announcement on Oct. 31, just about six months ago. If she waited to make the announcement until she was three months along, which is often the recommended time to start telling people, that would put her right at the nine-month mark. A pregnancy is considered full term at 40 weeks, so Simpson is definitely not in her 11th or 12th month -- though it may seem like it.

Of course, we're not the only ones wondering if Simpson's baby girl has made her big debut. The website Is Jessica Simpson Still Pregnant?, answers just that question. As of Monday afternoon, the site reads, "SHE SURE IS. Feels like forever, right?"

Yes, it really has felt like forever, and stars like Katy Perry and Chelsea Handler agree.

Whenever Simpson and Johnson's baby arrives, we're sure we'll hear all about it.

Check out photos from throughout Simpson's pregnancy below:

Jessica Simpson's Baby Bump