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Jessica Simpson On The 'Tonight Show': Pregnant In 6-Inch Heels! (VIDEOS, PHOTOS)

Our feet swell up just looking at her, but Jessica Simpson has not abandoned her heels deep into her pregnancy.

As the star of the NBC's new "Fashion Star" and Elle's April (nude!) cover girl, Simpson has been keeping on her high-heeled feet even as she looks ready to pop. (Save for a vacation in Laguna Beach earlier this month, where she specifically tweeted, "We are loving Laguna...and yes, I'm wearing flip flops!")

But on the "Tonight Show" on Monday night, Jessica admitted to Jay Leno that maintaining her devotion to fancy footwear hasn't been easy.

"We're waddling at this point," she laughed when making her way onto the stage. Leno quipped about how big she's gotten, practically expecting her to have the baby during commercial break. Jessica agreed -- this being pregnant thing is tough! "And I'm wearing six-inch heels today, and it's a lot of weight to carry on six inches," she laughed.

Not like she hasn't tried. The shoe devotee, who's previously said, "Shoes are my best friends," has spent much of her pregnancy in stilettos. She even joked to her doctor that she had every intention of delivering her baby in four-inch Yves Saint Laurent pumps.

Luckily, there will be someone to inherit all those high heels: Jessica recently revealed to Elle that she's having a girl.

Check out the ever-growing Jessica chat with Leno about "slutty brownies," her nude Elle cover, "Fashion Star" and getting swamp ass in her Spanx. Seriously.


Jessica Simpson's Maternity Style