Jessica Simpson And Eric Johnson Throw It Back To 'National Lampoon's Vacation' For Halloween

So '80s.

Jessica Simpson knows that sometimes the best Halloween costumes are made from whatever is lying around in the depths of your closet.

While other celebs broke the bank on custom-made costumes, Simpson and husband Eric Johnson were more low-key on All Hallow's Eve -- and still looked great. 

Griswold and Brinkley #HappyHalloween 📷by @kristingram

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The couple paid homage to the 1983 movie "National Lampoon's Vacation," as the 35-year-old teased her hair to new heights to look like supermodel Christie Brinkley, while Johnson broke out the Members Only jacket for his Clark Griswold costume. 

Brinkley famously played the role of "the girl in the Ferrari" who crosses paths with Chevy Chase's Griswold numerous times during the movie. Brinkley herself gave the costume a stamp of approval on Instagram.


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