Jessica Vega, 'Fake Cancer Bride', Is Back With Her Ex-Husband

Fake Cancer Bride's Husband Takes Her Back

New York bride Jessica Vega may have lost nearly everything after she faked cancer, lied to her groom and scammed her way into a dream wedding two years ago, but it seems that she still got her man in the end.

Though Vega's husband Michael O'Connell divorced her immediately finding out that she had lied to him about having a terminal illness in 2010, the couple is now back together, according to ABC News.

"I tried to hate her," O'Connell said in an ABC interview.

Vega first faked a cancer diagnosis to save her relationship from an impending breakup, but after she became engaged, news of her "terminal illness" spread. Store owners donated everything -- from a free wedding dress, to jewelry, to a veil, to a free honeymoon in Aruba.

After the truth was uncovered, Vega was charged with fraud and sentenced to 50 days in jail. In addition to time behind bars, the bride also had to pay $13,000 in restitution to those she victimized.

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