Jessie J Covers The Iconic Song From 'The Little Mermaid'

The sound of nostalgia.

You love Disney. You love "The Little Mermaid." And you love the song "Part of Your World." Now its time to hear the definitive cover version.

Jessie J's rendition of Ariel's song about her 20 "thingamabobs" is the latest track from the upcoming album "We Love Disney" -- which features pop stars covering classic Disney songs. We're all living in a Disney world

Way back when, actress Jodi Benson sang the movie's original songs, along with voicing the dialogue for Ariel. Jessie J was born only a year before the release of "The Little Mermaid," so she spent her formative years growing up with the aquatic princess. She told Entertainment Weekly that she "always wanted to be able to sing it, combing my hair with a fork."

It is unclear if she truly combed her hair with a fork while singing this cover, but listen below:

Does this remind you of your childhood? Would you listen if Jessie J took on a theme song from a Disney deep cut like "Treasure Planet" or "Atlantis: The Lost Empire"? Is Jessie J most popular in America, across the sea in the U.K., or under the sea? What's a fire and why does it -- what's the word? Burn?

You want thingamabobs?

"We Love Disney" will be iTunes available on Oct. 30


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