'Jesus Christ Superstar' Actor Arrested For Capitol Riot Gets Sent Up By 'The Late Show'

James D. Beeks, who played Judas in the musical, inspired a new version of the song.

The Late Show” on Tuesday resurrected “Jesus Christ Superstar” in a spoof of James D. Beeks, the actor who was arrested last week for his involvement in the Jan. 6 Capitol riot. (Watch the video below.)

Beeks, who recently played Judas in a national touring production of the musical, was charged with obstruction of Congress and entering a restricted building.

Host Stephen Colbert’s crew used footage from the 1973 “Jesus Christ Superstar” movie with Carl Anderson as Judas, dubbing in tweaks of the play’s titular song:

“Stop the steal / Votes aren’t real / We’re getting played / Like a glockenspiel / Charge the fence / Hang Mike Pence / We want to switch out / The presidents.”

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