Jesus Died for Us, I'm Standing Up for Him

When I was 21 years old, Jesus showed up in my life in a big way. He became my teacher, my friend, and my confidant. Jesus became my reason for waking up and the person I thanked every night when I laid my head down to go to sleep. During this time, I became so crazily religious that nothing else mattered. If I heard people talk about other religions or beliefs, I immediately tuned them out and became defensive. I was caught up in being a non-tolerant Christian. I knew in my heart that one day my life would be dedicated to teaching people about Jesus but I was young, immature, and would have many life experiences ahead of me before I reached that point.

It was several years later when I told Jesus I wanted to start teaching people about Him. It was then that He took my education and life lessons to a whole other level. Consequently, my life as I knew it began to fall apart. Everything I thought I knew about myself and God was stripped away. I was only twenty-five years old, yet I felt like I was having a midlife crisis. This caused me to search deeper and deeper in my soul. That's when I heard Jesus say, "I don't want you to worship me. I want you to be like me. You have the same power within you to heal yourself and to heal the world." Jesus immediately started leading me to ways and methods of supporting my spiritual growing process such as meditation and Reiki.

I found myself on the White House lawn in Washington, D.C. listening to the Dalai Lama speak. I began reading books by Dr. Wayne Dyer, Bruce Lipton, and many other teachers who had messages I needed to hear. I also began to study other world religions and to incorporate teachings and spiritual practices as I was led to them. The more connected I became to Jesus, the more open I became to other spiritual leaders and beliefs. I realized that Jesus' religion is love and that most of the world's religions just separate us. They create boundaries and borders to our natural universal oneness. It doesn't matter which spiritual teacher you follow and communicate with, I've come to learn that as long as you are living a lifestyle of love you are contributing to the healing of the planet. Like Macklemore stated in his hit song, "Same Love", "Whatever God you believe in, we come from the same one."

My defensiveness toward other religions gradually melted away and my desire to teach people who the real Jesus was became my highest purpose. Here is what I know to be completely true about this beautiful man, not from anything I ever learned by reading about Him in a book, but from what I experienced from having a personal relationship with Him.

1. Jesus wants us to call upon him for guidance, truth, and support in any moment. He desires for us to follow our own unique purpose and stay true to ourselves no matter what the world says.

2. Jesus does not want any wars in His name or in the name of religion. He loves all of us regardless of our race, religion, or nationality.

3. Jesus wants us to love one another as He loves us.

4. Jesus loves you even if you don't love him.

5. Jesus does not want to be placed above us. He wants us to feel equal with Him and to get rid of all levels of separation. He wants to be our friend, our teacher, and our confidant.

6. Jesus has the desire to help and support us no matter what past mistakes we've made. He is the father of forgiveness and can help us turn even our greatest messes into our biggest miracles.

7. Jesus is in charge of the process of atonement, which is all about bringing us back home to God and returning us to a state of infinite love.

8. Jesus wants you to have an open mind and respect everyone's different beliefs and opinions.

Jesus died for us. He wants us to live for him.