Jesus Image Appears On Window At Hard Rock Hotel In San Diego

Jesus Appears On Window At Hard Rock Hotel

Celebrities are a fairly common sight at the Hard Rock Hotel San Diego, but the hotel may have had a celeb sighting of truly biblical proportions: Jesus Christ.

The image of what some people think looks like the Almighty appeared in the window of one of the hotel rooms over the weekend. Chuck Rickman, a retired 911 dispatcher, noticed the eerie apparition while taking a stroll.

"I was walking downtown when out of the corner, it popped out at me," Rickman, 64, told The Huffington Post. "I had a cellphone and took a picture of it."

Rickman said he's not religious and thought the image could either be Jesus or "Led Zeppelin."

"It looks like someone had taken a shower and steamed up the window, but I talked with a young man nearby and he said he had seen it for several weeks," Rickman said.

A hotel representative was happy to see the photo, but said there have been no other reported Jesus sightings in any of the windows.

To be fair, the explanation for Jesus's appearance on a hotel window may be more scientific than beatific.

Researchers at Northwestern University say the human brain is wired to look for familiarity and meaning in the most abstract squiggles.

As a result, brains automatically identify similar objects and then organize them according to type. That’s why we can look at a baseball cap and a fedora and know right away that both are hats.

Still, Matt Greene, the Hard Rock Hotel San Diego's general manager, is thrilled by the prospect.

"Celebrities stay here all the time, but if it is Jesus, he'd be the biggest one to stay here."

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