Jesus Sighting: Joseph McCaffrey Says Christ Image Appeared In Connecticut Newspaper

The media have never made Jesus look so bad.

When Joseph McCaffrey was reading The Hour, a Norwalk, Conn., newspaper, he made a holy discovery. In the paper's movie section, he saw a splattered ink blot that his wife says resembles Jesus Christ

McCaffrey photographed the May 2 issue and sent it around for his friends to get their opinions on the find, The Hour reported on Tuesday.

"Some see the image, some don't, but the overwhelming majority said they could definitely see Jesus," he told the paper. "But, if Jesus is really trying to send me a message, I wish he popped up in the lotto section instead. Does he want me to see a movie?"

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jesus in newspaper

jesus in newspaper

Inked Jesus comes a month after one woman from Florida claimed to find a crown and cross imprinted on a Goldfish cracker. HuffPost Weird News readers seemed split on her sighting -- some commenters agreed it was a sign from God while others maintained the marking was an imprint of the top of a screw.



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