Jesus Christ, Mother Teresa, Gandhi Campaign For UNICEF (VIDEO)

WATCH: So Jesus, Mother Teresa And Gandhi Sit Down For Dinner ...

Want to get philanthropists on board for your cause? Gather three of the most revered historical figures to promote it. Oh, and one regular dude, too.
UNICEF Sweden, with the help of ad agency Forsman & Bodenfors, imagined a dinner of Jesus Christ, Gandhi and Mother Teresa.

The three compliment one another's good works, with Jesus telling Mother Teresa:

"You're not too bad yourself, Teresa. I mean, you spent half your life fighting for the poor."

"I just did what everyone would do. But you sacrificed yourself for mankind," she reciprocates.

A casual Christ responds: "Yeah, well."

Then they turn their attention to an ordinary stranger in the room. Asked what he did to earn a place at the table, he tells them he clicked on a banner ad for UNICEF. (Watch the spot, above.)

The clever campaign has built a media following and increased individual contributions to the charity's Christmas drive, UNICEF Sweden spokeswoman Petra Hallebrant told The Huffington Post. "We wanted to show what is goodness today and how you can save children's lives by just clicking an ad," she said.

Clicking on the banner leads to a donation page for supplies such as mosquito nets, which UNICEF will send to children in need.

The follow-up ads (below) show the average guy telling his story, which includes a pilgrimage to Australia to surf and party. He also teaches Jesus to browse the Internet.

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