Mexican Village Celebrates Mushroom With Image Of Jesus On It

Some believe the mushroom can answer their prayers.

Usually if you see Jesus on a mushroom, you’ll suspect the ’shrooms are the psychedelic kind.

But that’s not the case in Chignahuapan, a town in Puebla, Mexico, where locals swear they can clearly see Christ on a mushroom kept in a local church.

People who look closely swear a groove in the shroom looks like Jesus on the cross, though you probably have to take it on faith based on this inconclusive photo.

Legend has it that the Jesus mushroom was found 137 years old by a lumberjack. Locals were reportedly so impressed they built the Iglesia del Honguito church (Church of the Tree Ear) on the site where it was found, according to the German news agency Ruptly. 

Since 1880, locals have held an annual festival honoring the Jesus mushroom.

A local said in the video above that the mushroom is believed to have spiritual powers.

“A nephew of mine had an accident and I prayed for him not to be taken away, because he was in a very critical condition and was not likely to survive surgery,” she said. “But, thank God, everything went well. Both times I asked, the little mushroom answered,” a local said.

People who visit the church can look at the sacred ’shroom, according to Atlas Obscura. Don’t worry: there’s a magnifying glass for people who have a hard time seeing Jesus.

For more photos of things that may or may not look like Jesus, check out the sacred sightings gallery below.  



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