Jesus, Orlando And Your Spark


It has been a week of heavy energy, yes?

It really has me thinking about why these things are happening now and for what purpose. Add that with the fact that I have been talking to Jesus and I am on the awakening Christ Consciousness within bandwagon, I thought I would share some insights.

So, I was getting ready for work the day after the Orlando shooting and I was feeling... off. Something was going on with me that felt bad. I had to explore what I was thinking because negative emotion is a sign that what you are thinking/underlying beliefs aren't in alignment with what your higher self knows to be true.

While getting dressed I began asking myself some questions, like... "What are you feeling right now?" "Are these feelings yours or someone else's?" (as an empath, it is easy for me to take on others emotions or society's emotions as my own if I am not aware), "What do you want?"

To my surprise I realized, I was feeling off because I was telling myself I should be deeply saddened for the victims of that tragedy, but I wasn't. My heart went out to the families, friends and loved ones who are experiencing the intense loss, but I was not sad for the victims.
Yet, because that was what the 'normal' response to situations like mind kept telling me 'I should' be more upset. (Saying I should, is always a key to see that something is out of alignment with your thinking and your truth.)

This kinda shocked me!

Then I asked myself 'why wasn't I sad for the victims?'

Because it goes against my true knowing that there are no victims. We all choose our purpose, entrance and exit of each lifetime we live. We come here knowing the why for it, knowing the meaning of it, knowing how it will fulfill the expansion of our soul and those souls that we touch.
We choose this, so we cannot be victims of it.

*Want to understand this perspective more? Read The Little Soul and The Sun by Neale Donald Walsch

Then, I then began wondering what Jesus's response would be in this and how he would see it.

So I asked him.

He led me to a passage in the bible that talks about him weeping with the mourners of Leviticus, he then points out that he wept, not for the dead (because he knew there is no death and his friend was eternal) but he wept as he felt the pain of the family.
He wept because he took that pain on as his own.

(Holy crap. Jesus was an empath!)

He also did not fear death (because it doesn't exist) so he did not carry fear for the dead.

Okay, that makes sense AND feels right in my heart.

As I was driving to work, I asked him, 'What is the purpose within this and what are we to individually take from it to expand ourselves and the global consciousness?'

I will let him share his response:

This experience, as all tragic experiences, is meant to connect you back to your hearts and love.
We are in the midst of a breaking down of old ways and beliefs that as a society you have been carrying. You are collectively transforming the world as a new way of being emerges.
Do not fear this.
As with all transformation there must be an ending and letting go, so that there may be space to create the new.

Just as you have to tear down an old house and clear away the debris before you can build a new one, it is the same with beliefs and old ways of being.

Let yourself feel what comes up for you, but it will do no good to hold those emotions or suppress them.

When you think of the 'victims' or the shooter, do not focus on the death, but focus on their life. See their light in this.
(Yes, I include the shooter, because he had an important role. He was the friction that caused the spark.)

They came here to be a spark. To ignite the light within you. To build the flames within your heart, so that you may reconnect to yourselves in a deeper way. That you may then fan the flames and reclaim your own fire to reunite with love.

The question now is, what will you do with this fire?

Will you use it to burn others? Will you let it die out after the TVs have stopped reporting? Will you let the embers calm, but continue burning a deep rage within you?
Will you let the fire transform you?

Will you allow it to release you from the chains of fear that you have been carrying so that you may shine brighter than you ever have before?'

Now there is a question that should be plastered on the news media headlines.

What will you do with the fire that this tragedy has sparked within?

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