Jesus Seen In Chicken, Smoke Plumes And Garden Gnomes: The Year's Top Sacred Sightings

Jesus Was Seen Everywhere This Year

This time of year, people all over the world celebrate the birth of Jesus.

Readers of HuffPost Weird News reportedly see him all throughout the year, in everything from chicken to waves and trees.

These "Sacred Sightings" are always popular, both with believers, who feel the pictures confirm that God is truly everywhere, and with people impressed with the human ability to create patterns from what are basically random shapes.

Of course, every picture tells a story and these stories are just as weird as the photos.

Jesus In A Wave
Simon Emmett/ SWNS
In February, photographer Simon Emmett captured this stunning shot while snapping pictures near the harbor in the coastal town of Lyme Regis, England.Amazingly, Emmett said he didn't notice the oceanic face until he "looked back through the shots [he] took."
Jesus Inside Garden Gnome
Courtesy Of Heather Andrews
Back in May, Heather Andrews, of Lynnville, Tennessee, accidentally broke a garden gnome that had been given to her as a joke by a friend.Turns out, the gnome had a statue hidden inside that looked like Jesus' head on a female torso. The statue attracted media attention, but also catcalls from people who told her it was demonic.So Andrews, 27, sold it on eBay and got $315 for it.
In September, Tennessee lumber yard owner Daniel Turbeville was stumped over what to do with a split-open tree trunk that appeared to bear the image of Jesus Christ.Although some were skeptical that the tree really looked like Jesus, Turbeville took solace that 70 percent of his friends agreed that "Treesus" did resemble the King of Kings.
Jesus In Smoke Plume
A mysterious image seen in a smoke plume during a fire rescue was a hot topic in Fresno, California, in October.This photo was filmed by a woman who saw a good samaritan run into the burning building.Eyewitness Wyatt Forker was convinced the smoke plume made an image of Jesus' face."You see Jesus in the smoke, and then the person gets saved. That's, that's right -- they're not a coincidence."
Jesus In Chicken
Courtesy of Ernesto Hernandez
In mid-November, Ernesto Hernandez was about to bite into a chicken breast when he saw something bizarre."I was about to bite my piece and it looked right at me," he told HuffPost. The chicken itself wasn't looking at Hernandez, but a strange image of a bearded man -- that possibly resembles Jesus -- certainly was."It must be the char marks, because the chicken wasn't breaded," he said.

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