Jesus The Goat Saved Despite Butting Norwegian Cop

HOLY GOAT: Animal Named Jesus Spared Despite Attacking Cop, Chasing Child Up Tree

Having a horned goat butt you in the behind would make anyone cross -- even if the goat is named Jesus.

So it's no surprise that Jesus' owner, Norwegian farmer Tor Brede Launes, decided to make the goat pay for his sins after he chased a mother and child up a tree last Saturday evening before turning his sights -- and his horns -- on a police officer, according to Norwegian website TheLocal.

The animal attack took place on a small island off the south coast of Norway when Jesus "got gruff" with a mother and her child who climbed up a tree while cops were called to the scene, the website reported.

Cops arrived, but Jesus, a 176-pound billy goat, charged straight at one of the constables.

"It was really angry,” police officer Borge Steinsland told “They were quite simply forced to use pepper spray to drive the wild animal away.”

The incident obviously got the goat of Jesus' owner, who decided that the animal was going to be meeting his maker on a fiery grill.

“Goat’s meat is delicious,” he told FVN.

Amazingly, the goat must have suspected something because he soon went on the lam, forcing Launes to travel around the island crying out for Jesus.

But it turns out Jesus may not have to die for his sins, according to The Local.

After animal rights activists demanded Jesus be saved, Launes decided to put the horny goat up for sale, possibly for some altar wine.

"I deserve at least that for him,” the farmer told FVN, adding that he would also help catch the goat to hand him over to any prospective buyer.

Ironically, Launes may lose a goat, but gain a girl. It seems one woman thought his post was a personal ad.

“I found that quite charming, so I’m going to follow it up a bit. If I end up getting a farm lady into the bargain, I’d have to say I’m reasonably well satisfied with Jesus,” he told broadcaster NRK.

Proving the Lord does indeed provideth.


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