'Jesus Was A Commie': Matthew Modine's New Short Film

Matthew Modine: 'Jesus Was A Commie'

When times are tough, many turn to religion. And with a world in turmoil, from roiled economic markets to spoiled environment, Matthew Modine is turning to Jesus. But instead of prayer, he's offering analysis and a compelling argument.

Modine is on tour with his new short film, "Jesus Was a Communist," which offers a discussion of the New Testament's messages in the context of poverty, pollution and political unrest. A selection at film festivals throughout the world, the message the veteran actor is presenting also address the Occupy Wall Street movement happening throughout the world and how it relates to the Bible.

"His revolution involved a dramatic change in the way people thought; progressive and liberal thinking in a time of Empire," the film's synopsis reads. "With no army and no weapons, he led people toward a new, more humane way of thinking; toward a philosophy of love and forgiveness. These are ideas explored at this very moment in lower Manhattan and by thousands of American's across the United States."

Check out a trailer for the film.


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