JET Magazine 'Beauty Of The Week' Competition Picks Six Finalists (PHOTOS)

Atlanta was ground zero this weekend for JET magazine's first-ever open casting call for its coveted "Beauty Of The Week" (B.O.W.) feature.

JET editor-in-chief Mitzi Miller co-hosted the event with "Real Housewives of Atlanta" star Cynthia Bailey in hopes of finding women that "embody the look and spirit of the 'Beauty Of The Week.'"

Approximately 40 bikini-clad beauties lined up outside The Bailey Agency School of Fashion for a chance to make their JET "Beauty of The Week" dreams come true.

Miller and Bailey shared their judging duties with Q Parker, formally of the R&B group 112, and Kenya Moore -- a former JET "B.O.W" and Miss USA, who is rumored to be joining Bailey as the newest cast member on the "Real Housewives Of Atlanta."

“It was an exciting afternoon. Working with Cynthia, Kenya and Q Parker was way more fun than actual labor. I look forward to ushering in the new generation of JET Beauties," Miller told The Huffington Post.

There's no word yet on which ladies will actually grace the B.O.W page, but check out the six finalists chosen below.

Check out the bevy of beauties and photos from the event in the slideshow below. Who do you think deserves the honor of "Beauty of The Week?"

JET "Beauty Of The Week" Open Casting Call