Jet Pack Guy At Matt Cain's Perfect Game At AT&T Park (VIDEO)

WATCH: Jet Pack Guy At Perfect Game

At the start of the San Francisco Giants' home game against the Houston Astros on Wednesday night at AT&T Park, there had been just 21 perfect games in MLB history. Matt Cain changed that by twirling the 22nd such game. Yet, there was a guy at AT&T Park who may have turned even more heads than Cain. And, no, we don't mean umpire Ted Barrett, who amazingly called the second perfect game of his career (he was behind the plate for the David Cone's perfecto in 1999 for New York Yankees).

The sight perhaps even more unexpected than the perfect game was a man in some sort of a jet pack contraption, who glided in from McCovey Cove beyond the right-field wall. He drew the attention of the broadcasters and some fans as he hovered over the water in the early stages of the game.


What is more unexpected during a trip to the ballpark: A (historically) dominant performance by an All-Star pitcher or a man flying above the water?

Of course, this jet pack guy isn't the first high-flying fan to make an impression at a sporting event. A Mets fan actually parachuted down to field at Shea Stadium during Game 6 of the 1986 World Series.

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