Guy In Jetpack Flies In Formation With Airplane, Performs Jaw-Dropping Stunts Over Dubai

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s -- Jetman!

Yves Rossy, known as “Jetman” for his death-defying jetpack stunts, recently took to the skies in Dubai to perform some jaw-dropping stunts in formation with an actual airplane. Yes, an airplane. This is crazy.

With a jetpack (more accurately, a jet-propelled wing) attached to his body, Rossy zoomed and careened in the air, performing a sky-high dance with a plane driven by aerobatics expert Veres Zoltan.

Mind. Blown.

Courtesy of XDubai/YouTube

A former fighter pilot and airline pilot, Rossy is said to be the first person in the world to have taken flight with a jet-propelled wing. The Swiss daredevil is also known for his daring flights across the English Channel, the Grand Canyon and Mount Fuji. In 2011, he also made headlines when he raced two fighter jets over the Swiss Alps.

Speaking to MapQuest earlier this year, Rossy explained just how he controls his movement when he's zipping around with the wing on his back.

“There are no handles or pedals. There is nothing between me and air,” he said. “The moves I do with my body are followed by the wings. If I arch, I go up. If I want to go down, I bend my upper body. ... It’s like when you’re skiing. When you ski you look inside the turn and your body follows. It’s like that.”

Here, Rossi and Zoltan are pictured flying together with jet-propelled wings:

jetman-dubai-1 Courtesy of XDubai/YouTube

Guys, do you hear those wings roaring? It’s the future calling.

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