Jetta's 'Feels Like Coming Home' Is The Song In That Great Google Video You Just Watched

Google released a video to celebrate the highs and lows of 2013 this week, and while the clip's visuals are enough to moisten the eyes of viewers, it's the video's accompanying song that does so much of the heavy lifting. Called "Feels Like Coming Home," the track is performed by newcomer Jetta, and should basically score every HBO promo from here until forever. (Is there an equivalent of "Six Feet Under" on the air right now? If so, Jetta's song belongs on its finale.)

Who is Jetta? Here's her biography as listed on the Republic Records artist profile pages:

This former backing vocalist for Paloma Faith and Cee-Lo caused a ruckus late last year when she released Start A Riot. Inviting comparison to Solange, Florence and The xx, the Liverpool born, London living singer boasts soulful sounds that pack a lot of punch.

According to a personal note from Jetta on that same page:

My (abbreviated) life story is… I was bought up by an a capella singing mother and three other strong females. My father was a sound engineer and that has moulded me into the musician that I am today. People should listen to my music because… Melody aside, lyrically I have something that people can relate to.

My influences include…My parents, Annie Lennox, The Police, Bill Withers and Lykki Li. My favourite word is… Raw, because of ‘raw’ and lions ‘roar’. I like that. If I wasn’t doing this I’d be… An astronaut. 2013 is my year because… It’s the. year of the snake and I’m a snake in the Chinese zodiac.

"Feels Like Coming Home" was released this week. Jetta took to Twitter to thank Google for its inclusion in the company's "Here's to 2013" video:



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