Jew Inside

It seems that a lot of people would like the Jews of France to feel that they could stay a little longer, since the notion if all the Jews suddenly left France, in the words of Manual Valls, French Prime Minister, France wouldn't be France. Valls also declared, we are all Jews. And that opens the door to a simple solution.

The Jews of France don't feel safe because, in actual fact, they aren't. Temporarily putting 10,000 troops to guard Jewish schools, houses of worship and businesses is helpful, but the reality is that if you let the Jews move around, they could be anywhere. Even on the Eiffel Tower.

The last time someone solved this problem of protecting all the Jews in a country from being murdered, was in 1942 when King Christian X of Denmark let it be known that if the Jews of Denmark were required to wear a yellow star, then he and all of Denmark would also wear the Star of David.

So here's a simple idea to protect the Jews of France: every school shows a sign that proclaims: Jews Inside! Every retail store puts up a bronze plaque that proclaims the same. And so on for salons, high speed trains, even police cars. The masthead of every newspaper proclaims, "Produced by Jews."

And it can be taken farther. French currency will say, "Jewish Money." The remaining active French churches will add a little carving on their stone doorways, "Jews Worship Here."

Can it go farther? Sure! French intellectuals and poseurs can trade their berets for kippahs and a mezuzah can be fastened on every front door in France.

And if all this doesn't make the Jews of France feel safer, then what the heck. Gold star anyone?