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12 Jewelry Display Ideas That Perfectly Double As Decor

Proud jewelry owners know that picking out accessories in the morning can feel like a monumental task. How are you supposed to choose just one statement necklace when several options work? Is there such thing as too many bangles? Should you wear those gorgeous earrings today or save them for the weekend? The struggle goes on and on.

The only thing more difficult than mulling over the aforementioned questions is figuring out how to fit everything in your jewelry box.

So we're suggesting this: Stop haphazardly stowing your pieces in some drawer and give them the attention they deserves with some show-off storage decor. Check out 12 ways to expertly display your jewelry below.

1. Employ the help of vintage saucers or catch-alls.

2. Drape your pieces on a fabulous home accent.

3. Do as the boutiques would do with acrylic holders.

4. Repurpose a cupcake dome or cake stand.

5. Take a minimalist approach and only show off your favorites.

6. Color-code your hooked statement pieces.

7. Upcycle a ceramic egg crate.

8. Prep the week's pieces in a tray.

9. Play with height.

10. Arrange it all by size.

11. Fill a frame.

12. Swap candy for bangles.

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Beige Paint
Yes to an apartment that comes freshly painted (hello, blank slate); no to it being that drab shade of beige that home improvement stores are selling to landlords in bulk. The problem: It looks dingy no matter how bright and airy your home may be, and if it's a flat finish, fingerprints will forever be a part of your decor.
Stark Lighting
We aren't going to suggest that you dim the lights to hide your mess before house guests arrive (though we have suggested that before), we're just saying that the fixtures you choose can paint your home in a completely different light. Bright and blaring puts your home's imperfections on full display, while warm and strategically placed will keep projects you've been meaning to get to in the shadows until they're ready to shine.
Fake Plants
Faux greenery has come a long way, but while it may look more realistic than it did in the past, no one seems to have devised a way to keep fake plants from collecting loads of dust. Until it happens, just stick with the real deal.
Mirrored Surfaces
Mirrors are a great way to add glamour to a space and make a room feel bigger, but like flat wall paint, they're magnets for fingerprints and show off untidy spots in 3D. Be strategic about where you place them, especially if the area is prone to clutter or grimy hands.
Neglecting The Entryway
You know what they say about first impressions. If you want to win at keeping house, start here and you'll set the tone for what else your guests see.
Pillow Overload
Throw pillows are an easy way to switch up the look of a room. Just make sure that when you bring in a fresh set, you take the old ones out. Otherwise, you run the risk of looking messy and indecisive.
Ill-Fitting Slipcovers
On one hand, you've got an easy fix for outdated furniture; on the other hand, you've got the potential to make your living room look like a far-less tidy than it actually is. Nothing compares to a tightly-upholstered piece of furniture, but if you must slipcover, make sure it fits well.