Moms, You Can Turn Your Breast Milk Into Jewelry

And it's actually surprisingly cute! 🍼💍

Plot twist, ladies. You can turn your breast milk into jewelry. And, as weird as it sounds, it’s apparently a trend that’s been around for a while now. And the biggest surprise of all? It makes cute jewelry.

Amelia Edelman, self-proclaimed “hippie” of sorts and editor at Refinery29, decided to have her breast milk immortalized in the form of jewelry. This rather unusual decision came about when Edelman stumbled upon Sacred Legacy Arts on Instagram, an avant-garde jewelry company that specializes in “DNA art pieces” and “wearable sacred legacies.” Said DNA can range from breast milk to ashes to hair, or even placenta.

The founder of the unique jewelry line, Kelly Howland, will not disclose how exactly she manages to preserve the breast milk and turn it into a gemstone. She did assure Edelman that she utilizes “chemicals to professionally preserve the breast milk so it can be included into a jeweler’s-grade resin.” She then sets the breast milk gemstone into a ring or necklace setting, as a jeweler would do with any other stone.

These custom pieces aren’t cheap, though. The prices can go as high as $400, but there are some more reasonable options around $80.

Why would anyone want such a thing, you wonder? Howland told Refinery29, “So many mothers hang on to tangible mementos from their motherhood journey that usually just end up taped into a book or tucked in a shoebox in the closet.” Breastfeeding is a bonding parenting experience for mothers, especially Howland, who says her personal experience was “so empowering and healing that I wanted a visually beautiful way to honor these moments in my life.”

After looking through Sacred Legacy Arts’ jewelry photos, you can’t even tell there’s human DNA in their rings. But now you know. And it’s pretty damn cool.

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