7 Clever Jewelry Storage Ideas That Are Definitely More Stylish Than An Old Box (PHOTOS)

Because trying to find a matching pair of earrings in an old box is like entering Narnia.

Being organized at home is something that's difficult to achieve, but incredibly time-saving and useful -- especially when it comes to all those little things like earrings and necklaces. Just the thought of sitting on the bedroom floor with a box filled with tangled chains in our laps is enough to make our heads hurt.

That's why we're bringing you seven clever jewelry storage ideas that will make finding your favorite pieces super easy. And displaying your jewels and baubles is also a great way to bring a little personality to your spac.

1. Shadow Box Organizer
Look, everything is right there -- so neat, so tidy.
jewelry ideas
Credit: The North End Loft

2. Earring Chain Line
This is one way to help you avoid losing a pair.
jewelry storage ideas
Credit: Cleverly Inspired

3. Branch Jewelry Holder
No tangled chains here!
jewelry storage ideas
Credit: Julie Ann Art

4. Lacquered Bowls
Here's how to make your favorite gems part of your decor.
jewelry storage ideas
Credit: Stay In The Lines

5. DIY Ombre Rack
This is a really clean way to display necklaces.
jewelry storage ideas
Credit: Well It's Okay

6. DIY Jewelry Tree
We're feeling whimsical just looking at it.
jewelry storage ideas
Credit: Mr. Kate

7. Book Box
A totally green take on the traditional box.
jewelry storage ideas
Credit: Totally Green Crafts

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