Jewelry Store Robbery Caught On Tape: Indiana Thieves Allegedly Steal By The Bucket (VIDEO)

Authorities in Indiana are searching for three men who allegedly stole valuables by the bucket from a jewelry store early Sunday morning.

Surveillance footage recorded the burglars, all dressed in dark-colored jackets, enter Helzberg Diamonds in Hobart around 8 a.m., NBC Chicago reports.

The men used hammers to smash through glass display cases before shoveling in as many items as they could and making a speedy escape by van. One of the alleged robbers also used his foot to kick through the glass.

"It looks like they may have been there less than a minute," said Hobart Police Lt. Jack Greenes, according to CBS Chicago. "It was more of a smash and grab where they smashed the window, took some jewelry and took off."

Greenes added that timing of the robbery was unusual, given that it took place during broad daylight.

"The fact this happened early Sunday morning is pretty rare, too," Greenes said. "You kind of expect your smash and grab burglaries to occur late at night, not in the middle of the morning."