Here Are The Jewish Community Centers Victimized By Bomb Threats

The problem is widespread and shows no sign of stopping.

Jewish schools and community centers across the country continue to be terrorized by anonymous bomb threats.

As of Feb. 28, 75 centers and eight Jewish schools across the country had received at least 100 bomb threats. A fifth wave of threats targeted at least 16 centers on Monday.

The majority of the threats have come in waves and often feature a disguised, robotic voice. One of those calls warned of “slaughter” by explosion. So far, all the calls have been deemed hoaxes.

“It is deeply troubling to see that these anti-Semites are expanding their scope to target a broader section of the Jewish community,” Jonathan Greenblatt, CEO of the Anti-Defamation League, told The Huffington Post on Monday. “It’s really disgusting.”

Below is a map showing the centers and Jewish schools that have received confirmed bomb threats so far. The caller or callers appear to have no geographic target, though the vast majority of threats have been received in the United States.

We will continue to update this map as threats are received, using information compiled from the Jewish Community Center Association of North America and our own reporting. If you know of a JCC that has received a threat but is not on this list, please email us here.

Hover over or tap a circle to see which centers in your area have received threats:

HuffPost’s Adam Hooper and Alissa Scheller designed this map.

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