Watch Jewish Moms Try To Win Bachelorette's Heart For Their Sons

"I really enjoyed breastfeeding, and he did too."

It's kind of like "The Dating Game," but this BuzzFeed version has a twist: Instead of bachelors answering questions from a bachelorette to win a date with her, the bachelors' Jewish mothers play the game for them! (Like it would be the first time a Jewish mom, or any mom for that matter, got a little too involved.) 

"Date My Son! Jewish Mom Edition" pits three moms of the faith against each other to capture the heart of Lauren from Connecticut -- for their sons, of course.

BuzzFeed's Ricky Sans assures viewers that it's all real. You think fiction could produce nuggets like, "I really enjoyed breastfeeding, and he did too"?

Oy vey.

Sans told HuffPost he "wanted to share the experience of having a Jewish mother with the world."

The mothers are adorable, but we hope they stay out of their boys' JDate accounts.

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