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Jews Who Tweet: Our Picks

More and more members of the world's faith communities are taking to the internet and social media in order to connect with fellow believers. Among this growing trend are prominent religious leaders, thinkers, and authors who are bringing their wisdom to their followers and the general public, 140 characters at a time. We at HuffPost Religion want to share some of the individuals we follow for daily insight on matters of faith, both personal and global.

Here we have scoured the Twittersphere (and our own @HuffPostRelig feed) for some of the best Jewish voices on Twitter. These individuals provide commentary on current events around the world, daily Jewish life, holiday traditions, scripture -- even addiction and recovery.

We've listed these influential Jewish tweeters in no particular order, but be sure to vote on which of these feeds you like the most, or add your favorite if we didn't include it below.

Joshua Stanton

Jews On Twitter

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