Mimi Alford, JFK Affair: Six Other Alleged Mistresses

Mimi Alford, the former White House intern who recently wrote a book claiming she had an affair with President John F. Kennedy, detailed the 18-month affair in an interview with Meredith Vierra on "Rock Center" Wednesday.

Alford, 69, told Vierra that she "didn't feel guilty" about having sex with a married man, and that opening up about the affair decades later has been a relief.

"When you keep a secret, and when you keep silent about something, you do it because you think it's keeping you safe, but in fact, it's deadly," she said.

Alford is hardly the first woman who claimed or was rumored to have had an affair with the former president. Click through the slideshow below to read about some of JFK's most famous alleged mistresses.

JFK's Alleged Mistresses

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