Jian Ghomeshi Announces New Podcast, Gets Rightfully Dragged

No one has forgotten the allegations made against the former Canadian radio host.

Jian Ghomeshi, the disgraced Canadian radio host, has reemerged with a new podcast three years after being fired from the CBC after he was accused of sexual assault by several women. 

Needless to say, people are not here for it. 

Ghomeshi has been relatively quiet since he was acquitted of four charges of sexual assault in a Canadian court last year, following a highly publicized trial that included damning testimony from three accusers. Among the allegations were that Ghomeshi, 49, had “non-consensual” rough sex with an ex-girlfriend. 

On Monday, Ghomeshi tweeted a link to his new podcast, called “The Ideation Project” from a brand new Twitter account.

Reactions from people on Twitter ranged from calling out the justice system for alleged rapists like Ghomeshi to go free, to quite bluntly encouraging potential listeners to ignore the podcast completely:

Linda Redgrave, one of the women who accused Ghomeshi of assault, told Canada’s Global News on Monday that it’s “just too soon” for Ghomeshi to be returning to the public eye, and described the podcast as a “slap in the face.”  

“I found it very triggering … re-experiencing the trial in my head, re-experiencing the trauma. I wasn’t ready for it,” Redgrave said.

The first episode of “The Ideation Project” is a six-minute podcast on “exiles.” Redgrave believes the subject had an underlying message. 

“It sounded more like he was trying to make it about Trump and about cultures and being exiled,” Redgrave added. “But what I heard from it was, ‘I will not be exiled.’ That’s what I personally took from it. ‘I will not be exiled and here I am.’”



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