Jiang Wu Wakes Up From Hangover Inside Crate On Cargo Ship Sailing From China To Los Angeles

Man Falls Asleep Drunk, Wakes Up Inside Crate On Cargo Ship

Worst hangover EVER.

Jiang Wu was staying at a Bed & Breakfast in Qingdao, Eastern China, and had a night so wild that he drunkenly mistook a shipping container for the B&B and fell asleep inside it, msnNOW.com reported Thursday.

When he woke up, the crate had been loaded aboard a cargo ship set for a two-week trip to Los Angeles, UPI.com reported.

Although the container was sealed, he had a phone and called everyone he knew, including the local police, who arrived on the scene.

"His problem was, though, that he couldn't tell us which container he was in and there were thousands of them stacked on top of each other," a police spokesman, according to Fairfax NZ News.

Wu kept banging on the crate and police eventually found him in some containers stacked 60 feet high,

"He's very lucky. If he'd been asleep for another hour the next stop would have been America," one docker said, according to the Daily Star.

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