Jicheng 'Kevin' Liu, Charged With Series Of Thefts, A 'One-Man Crime Wave,' Prosecutors Say

Police say a Chicago man living in the country illegally stole more than $1 million in merchandise from neighborhood homes, and launched online smear campaigns against theft victims he felt had crossed him.

Jicheng "Kevin" Liu, who lived in the city's Lincoln Park neighborhood, was arrested in April on charges of cyber-terrorism after police traced disparaging comments posted across the internet back to him, according to Fox Chicago.

Now, after cataloguing the "truckloads" of high-end goods in Liu's home and inside five storage units he rented, Liu stands indicted on 12 new burglary charges. A judge set bond at $500,000 cash on the new charges, on top of the current $100,000 bond that stands for his previous offenses.

Authorities say the recovered goods represent more than $1 million in merchandise, including more than 200 bicycles, 100 sets of golf clubs and more than 200 strollers, according to the Chicago Tribune. Police also found more than 50 garage door openers, many of which were labeled with the corresponding home address. At least 100 burglaries have already been tied to Liu by victims who identified their property among the recovered goods.

Prosecutors called Liu a "one-man crime wave," an assessment that might not be far off: police say the burglary rate in the Town Hall District where Liu was active is down 72 percent since his arrest, CBS Chicago reports.