Jidenna On How His Father's Death Helped Him Distinguish His Style

From one classic man to another.
Marcus Ingram via Getty Images

Jidenna definitely etched his unique imprint on pop culture after he released his hit single “Classic Man,” last year.

The breakout success of the single prompted other artists -- including The Game and Kendrick Lamar -- to take notice and some fans questioned whether the 30-year-old’s dapper appearance was manufactured to correspond with the song’s lyrics.

In the Jan. 16, issue of Billboard magazine, the Grammy-nominated singer dismissed those doubts and said his current style actually developed following the 2010 death of his father.

"It was my way of grieving, initially," he said. "People thought 'Classic Man' was processed. But then they ­realized, 'Oh, this guy actually is that man, and he ­actually dresses like that.'”

He added that he has adopted many of his personal style elements from the unique fashion sense of his father, who was a Nigerian professor and an electrical engineer. During a June 2015 interview with Esquire, the former school teacher mentioned his father was among his favorite fashion icons -- which includes label boss Janelle Monáe and Malcolm X.

“He wore three-piece suits in the 60s and 70s a lot,” he said. “He used to walk with a cane, as well, so he was definitely the first one. He's actually the reason why I walk with a cane. The reason I continue to evolve in my style is in honor of him. He passed a few years ago and that was a turning point in my life.”

Read more of Jidenna’s interview with Billboard magazine here.

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