Jiff The Dog Just Won Halloween

All hail Jiff Pom.

It's no secret that Jiff the Dog is a straight up boss.

He's a talented skateboarder, rides dirty in a Tonka truck, and once held the Guinness World Record for fastest dog running on two legs.

Go ahead and add fashion icon to the list of his accomplishments, because the adorable pooch debuted not one, but six halloween costumes that are definitely better than yours.

All hail Jiff.

Captain America Jiff
Better than Chris Evans' version? You decide. Note the personalized Jiff dog tag.
Cowardly Lion Jiff
He'll walk on his hind legs down the yellow brick road.
Garden Gnome Jiff
Not your garden variety pooch.
Superman Jiff
It's a bird, it's a plane, it's JIFF THE WONDERDOG!
Dracula Jiff
His bite is worse than his bark.
Viking Jiff
Leif Erikson never looked this cute!

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