Timberwolves Fan 'Jiggly Boy' Welcomes Kevin Garnett Home With Topless Dance; Everyone Goes Wild

In 2003, Minnesota Timberwolves’ superfan John Sweeney showed his love for NBA star Kevin Garnett when he danced topless during a Wolves game, flaunting the initials “KG,” which had been scrawled on his body.

Last week, Sweeney -- who earned the nickname “Jiggly Boy” following his 2003 performance -- ripped off his shirt to perform the famous dance yet again. Only this time, it was to welcome his favorite player home.

On Feb. 25, Garnett played his first game for the Timberwolves after years away from the team. And there, up in the stands, was Sweeney, an improv comedian, all ready to greet him.


When the camera panned to him, Sweeney first acted coy, but before long, he pulled off his shirt to reveal the words “Welcome home KG” on his body. Topless, he boogied for the crowd, with his two young sons as backup dancers.

The crowd went wild for Sweeney’s performance and it seems that Garnett was thrilled with the surprise tribute. He was filmed giving his fan a huge smile and a salute.


"I think if you saw a fat guy with everything off, dancing with your name on his chest, I think you would pay attention to that, or at least for five seconds," Garnett told the Star Tribune after the surprise performance.