Jil Sander Leaving Jil Sander Brand For The Third Time

Can't get no satisfaction, eh?

Designer Jil Sander announced on Thursday that she is exiting her namesake label for the third time, Women's Wear Daily reports. Sander had served as the creative director of the brand since February 2012, when she replaced Raf Simons (who subsequently moved to Dior). At the time, she said, "I am very happy and excited to be back. It feels like coming home after a brief journey."

Sander founded Jil Sander in Hamburg, Germany, in 1968, and worked as its head designer until the company was sold to Prada Group in 1999. She left her eponymous label in 2000, only to return again in 2003 then exit a second time in 2004.

WWD reports that this time, Sander is leaving "for personal reasons." Her departure will likely engender less frenzy and speculation than her return did in 2012, which coincided with Raf Simons' move to Dior (and an outpouring of industry emotion over the change). Now Raf is comfortably settled at Dior, and there seem to be few available creative director posts open, with the exception of Marc Jacob's recently vacated Louis Vuitton position. But Sanders' next move is anyone's guess.

Also up for speculation: who will succeed her as creative director of the Jil Sander brand. Head to WWD.com to read more.

What a Jil Sander collection made by Jil Sander looks like:


Jil Sander Spring/Summer 2014

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