Jill Biden, ‘Alternate Electors' And Pete Buttigieg: Views From HuffPost Readers

Our editors have picked some of your most thought-provoking comments from last week’s top stories.
In a recent poll, one of HuffPost members’ top-requested features was a roundup of reader comments.
In a recent poll, one of HuffPost members’ top-requested features was a roundup of reader comments.

Every week, HuffPost editors read your comments on our top stories and highlight those that cut through the noise and make us think, help us see things from a different perspective, start conversations or even change our minds. 

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“She earned it and has used it since she earned it. Why should she be mocked for it when a man would never be expected to give up his earned title?”

—Jain Throne

Those of us who went to college are quite used to referring to PhDs as ‘Doctor’. They earned both the title and the respect that goes with it. Of course there are uneducated people everywhere who seek (unsuccessfully) to raise themselves up by tearing their superiors down.”

—Ben Sharnson

“It amazes me, on a daily basis, that our leaders openly talk about overturning an election. I read about these things in other parts of the world, but I felt safe here. But now we’ve crossed a Rubicon, and we’re burning the boat.”

—Owen Elmore

“Alternative electors are not electors, much like alternative facts are not facts.”

—Mike Farley

Promoting armed aggression against our own citizens by elected officials is about as treasonous an act as I can imagine.”

—Barrett B

“The problem with lighting a 2nd Amendment fire is that those ‘supplies’ tend not to discriminate with who they hit.  And non Trump supporters have their own ‘supplies’. Be careful what you wish for Mr. Wood.”

—Scott Goodman

 “I like Mr. Buttigieg and I really hope some seriously needed infrastructure projects are first and foremost. We need to renovate and spruce up the place.”

—Lily White

 Every cabinet pick will have yays and nays. One cannot please all the people all the time. I prefer to step back and look holistically at the new administration. It is diverse, competent, and about a gazillion times better than what we’ve had for the past nearly four years.  Let’s not reject what is good in the pursuit of perfect.”

—Kelly Rose