Jill Biden Issues Plea To Vladimir Putin In Poignant Essay After Ukraine Visit

The first lady recounted horror stories she heard from Ukrainians during her trip to the war-torn nation.

First lady Jill Biden asked Russian President Vladimir Putin to stop his “senseless and brutal war” on Ukraine in a poignant essay that CNN published Wednesday.

Biden recounted some of the horror stories that Ukrainians told her during her surprise visit to the country and bordering nations over the weekend.

Mothers who had been forced to flee the invading Russian troops told Biden of being shot at while queuing for bread and “walking for miles upon miles” to escape the violence, she wrote.

Ukraine’s first lady, Olena Zelenska, “told me of the rapes of women and children, and the many children who had seen people shot and killed, their homes burned,” Biden added.

Biden ended her column with this: “Mr. Putin, please end this senseless and brutal war.”

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