Jill Biden Prefers The Title 'Captain Of The Vice Squad' To Second Lady

We like it, Jill!

In an appearance on "Late Night with Seth Meyers" on Wednesday, Dr. Jill Biden said she isn’t too fond of the title "second lady" and would rather be called "captain of the vice squad."

Biden joked that her title "is so archaic," and asked, "Where did they come up with that?"

Myers pointed out that "second lady" sounds like "you shouldn’t be eating with everybody else."

The community college professor admitted that like her husband, Vice President Joe Biden, she’s a jokester and likes to play pranks.

“I have worn several disguises in the White House,”Jill Biden said. “It just makes it kind of fun so that people don’t recognize me.”

Among the disguises was a Grinch costume and a red wig she wore to a press party. Biden said people started calling her “Rusty” after that one.

Joe Biden announced last month that he will not run for president in 2016. Myers asked his wife if she was “relieved” to not have to be on the campaign trail this year, but Jill Biden said she would have been “up for it.”

“I’ve done 13 campaigns between my son’s campaign for attorney general and my husband’s campaign for senate, and then for vice president,” she said.

“I still think he'd make a really terrific president," she added.

Watch the video above.

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