Jill Kargman Takes Us Into The Wild Writers’ Room Of ‘Odd Mom Out’

She also dishes on what to expect on Season 3 of the Bravo series.

Jill Kargman is gearing up to take on the Upper East Side once again ― and she’s eager to bring more laughs, excess and drama.

On “Odd Mom Out,” Kargman plays a fictionalized version of herself navigating the hilarity of raising children in New York. Now three seasons in, Kargman, the creator and star of the series, says she still derives 90 percent of the plot inspiration from her own life.

Kargman is calling Season 3 of the hit Bravo series the best one yet. So, consider yourself forewarned: Things are about to get … a little crazy.

“I feel like Season 1, everyone didn’t know what the show was going to be yet, so I felt like I was on a tighter leash,” Kargman told HuffPost during a Build Series this week. ”‘Is she going to be too Jewish? Does she wear too much black? Are people going to relate in red states?’ And now that we have a hearty following, they just gave us more rope and I felt that I can be myself more and not really worry about being likable and just keep doing what I’m doing.”

Not only that, but the real-life mother-of-three says she felt “stronger” going into the upcoming season.

“It just kind of wrote itself,” she said. 

Kargman, who based the series on her 2007 book Momzillas, not only stars in the show as Jill Weber, but she also develops the storylines.

“In the writers’ room, all we did was laugh all day. We had so many ideas. I could have written 30 seasons,” she said. “We take a vow of silence the first day. We share a lot of personal stories. People will talk about an STD they got in college or some horrible sex gone array. We do these story dumps … It’s a circle of trust. I know that sounds cheesy, but it’s true. I feel really safe to tell my stories with no judgement.”

This year, they decided to do something different by hiring consultants to advise on specific plots. They had a financial analyst weigh in on the money dealings of the rich and an emergency room doctor who handles “rich people accidents” reveal what actually goes on in the neighborhood ― like what happens when a wealthy New Yorker uses an oven for the first time. 

Viewers can also expect the show’s first Thanksgiving episode, as well as a trip to the suburb of Greenwich, Connecticut. Kargman herself admits she’s not made for the ’burbs, joking that she suffers from “suburban panic disorder.” 

“I’d rather hear sirens than crickets,” the lifelong New Yorker said.

The Season 3 premiere comes after the Season 2 finale centered on a financial fallout. 

“You see all these rich people struggling with the ’sacrifices’ that they have to make. It still leaves them in very enviable positions,” she said.

And not surprisingly, parenting will also come into play. In the Season 3 premiere (airing July 12), Jill is surprised to find out that her daughter has (gasp!) started shaving. 

“Hazel’s pubescence is a big through-line this season. That arc takes us through the finale. Hazel has a slightly bigger part, but it’s more about how we deal with it,” she said. 

With the way things are going, there are bound to be many more stories to explore. So, when asked how many more seasons of “Odd Mom Out” she’d like to see, Kargman said with confidence, “Forty!”

“I want to be ‘Odd Grandma Out.’ I think there’s grandma problems, too.”

“Odd Mom Out” airs Wednesdays at 10 p.m. ET on Bravo. Watch Jill Kargman’s full Build Series interview below. 

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