Jill Lyle, Santa Fe Substitute Teacher, Fired After Allegedly Passing Out With Alcohol

A substitute teacher in Santa Fe has been fired after she was reportedly found passed out drunk while on the job.

Local authorities found Jill Lyle unconscious Friday at Chaparral Elementary School in an office connected to a classroom. Officials said Lyle was found with a cup next to her, The New Mexican reports.

"The liquid in the cup was red and had an odor of alcohol," Lt. Louis Carlos told The New Mexican. "We do not know how much, or if any for that matter, had been consumed, but we do believe it was a cup containing wine there with her in the classroom."

Lyle was taken away in an ambulance, but Carlos told KOAT-TV that a chat with the teacher yielded she was simply asleep.

No charges will be filed against Lyle because the incident occurred around lunchtime, when students were not directly under her care, KOAT-TV reports.

The terms and specific reasons for Lyle's termination are not being made public.

"Our employees have privacy rights and I have to be responsible for protecting those rights," Santa Fe Public Schools Superintendent Bobbie Gutierrez told KOB-TV. "But yes, it does make it difficult sometimes when you can't tell the whole story."

Lyle has been with SFPS since February.