Jill Miller, Fitness Expert, Shares A Simple Exercise To Help Alleviate High-Heel Pain (VIDEO)

A Brilliant Way To Alleviate High-Heel Pain

A great pair of high-heeled shoes can really make an outfit, but sometimes the price women pay for fashion can come at a painful cost.

Anyone who has spent hours walking around in high heels is all too familiar with the inevitable pain that creeps up come 5 p.m.: sore feet, irritated bunions and even an aching back. Yoga and fitness therapy expert Jill Miller explains why on the new "OWN Show" web series.

"Most footwear is compressive on the foot bone and the heel is elevated," she says. "Those two things combined create a lot of pressure in the bones and the soft tissues of the foot."

As Miller says, your feet set the stage for how the rest of your body feels. So, doing certain things -- like making sure to walk with your toes pointed inward rather than outward -- can make a big difference in feeling better at the end of the day. Miller also has a brilliant trick for high-heel-loving women who don't want to give up their fancy footwear.

"You want to treat your feet if you're going to wear high heel or compressive footwear," she says. "One thing you can do is get a squishy ball like a yoga tune-up ball or a tennis ball or racquetball -- something that has give and squish, not something hard. You can place it underneath the arch of your foot or anywhere on the underside of your foot and simply move your foot from side to side. It's like you're trying to spread the ball apart."

Exercising the foot like this can help restore it to its naturally more comfortable state. "The plantar fascia and the bones within your feet, they'll get to spread and resume their wide position instead of their squished, tight, miserable position," Miller explains.

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